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Maui Aloha: The Peopleʻs Response

Support our frontline grassroots heroes mobilizing to mālama ʻohana affected by the wildfires on Maui

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Support our beloved Maui ʻohana 🤎

Maui Aloha: The Peopleʻs Response is dedicated to providing a safe and trusted conduit to move kōkua quickly in support of community organizers and organizations already engaged in this work, on the ground.

Funds raised through this effort will move critical resources to past, present, and future community partners committed to nurturing our beloved community through this storm. Community response has been so heartening ~ MAHALO NUI LOA!!! We are so humbled by the overwhelming intention of aloha ✨

We understand that low-income families, houseless communities, service workers, people with disabilities and people who are incarcerated, as well as Indigenous communities, immigrant communities and communities of color, are disproportionately impacted by crises such as the recent fires in Maui. We therefore see grassroots, community-based organizing as essential for providing care to everyone, at this moment and everyday.

Hawaiʻi People’s Fund understands that this is an opportunity for us all to ensure the safety of our most vulnerable communities, while uplifting the models of care exemplified by our partners who have worked to upend and heal systems of oppression for over 50 years.

MAHALO for your kōkua to make this happen, allowing us to expand our collective reach during this critical time!!